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Belize is Fun - Even If You Don't Do Water Sports!

Posted by ECBR on Feb 3, 2015 7:54:21 AM

Rainforest Tour Thanks to a long stretch of coastline bordering the Caribbean Sea, Belize is known as a haven for those who love water sports. However, even those who don't enjoy sailing, snorkeling or swimming will find plenty to do in this exiting Central American destination. Get to know some of the top things to do in Belize as well as the island of Ambergris Caye, which is located just off the mainland of Belize.

Explore the History and Culture of Belize

If you are heading to Belize in order to experience the local culture, heritage and history, you definitely won't be disappointed. The Museum of Belize, which is located in Belize City, is an amazing attraction located in a historic colonial prison.

Also in Belize City is the Maritime Museum, which boasts a collection of artifacts explaining the importance of water trade and fishing in the country's development.

Nature lovers won't want to miss the Chaa Creek Natural History and Blue Morpho Butterfly Center, which offers a glimpse into the natural ecosystems in Belize.

Go Birdwatching in Belize

A top pastime in Belize for both locals and visitors alike is birdwatching. Since much of the country is still undeveloped, birds are found in large quantities throughout much of the area.

Plus, since there exists both jungle settings and coastal regions, a variety of birds can be spotted. Some of the best places to go birdwatching in Belize include the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the Guanacaste National Park, the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary and the Half Moon Caye National Monument.

Tour Ancient Ruins

Another fantastic way to experience a more traditional and authentic side of Belize is to tour the ancient ruins found throughout the country. The Mayan people settled in Belize for thousands of years, so it is natural that remains of their civilization still stand today.

Two of the most accessible sites, which are near to Belize City, are Altun Ha, offering two stunning pyramids, and Lamanai, which is home to a traditional ball court, three pyramids and a number of traditional residences that are still able to be explored by visitors. The largest of the remaining Mayan sites in Belize is Caracol, which is home to a major pyramid called the Sky Palace and is the tallest Mayan structure in the country.

Dive Into the Amazing Local Cuisine

No trip to Belize would ever be complete without an extensive sampling of the incredible local foods on offer. If you're lucky enough to be staying on Ambergris Caye, attending the annual Lobster Fest is a great way to try the fresh local lobsters prepared in a variety of unique styles.

Along with tasty seafood, Belize is home to traditional fare similar to that of its Mexican and Guatemalan neighbors. However, local recipes definitely have a Caribbean influence. Try the slightly sweet rice and beans cooked in coconut milk or the ceviche, a lime-flavored raw seafood dish that packs a seriously delicious punch of flavor.

Even if you aren't excited about water sports, Belize can offer a variety of incredible things to do, see and explore on your next getaway to Central America.

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