Cave Tubing & Rainforest Trip


All Terrain Vehicule Trip in the Jungle

We organize a day trip to go tubing in the rainforest. After travelling to Belize City we take a 40 minute drive via the Western Highway to Peccary Hills National Park in Gracie Rock Village.

You start with a briefing from your experienced guides on safety procedures for ATV (all terrain vehicle) handling, and are given an outline of the route to be taken and protective gear and helmets.

It is now time to explore the jungles of Belize on trails laid out over 100 years ago by loggers in search of precious Mahogany trees. The trails are a good mix of various challenging terrain leading to the stop of the day – the Maya Caves.

Tubing in the Mayan Caves

Here you explore caves once used by the Maya, thousands of years ago. To the Maya, caves were considered portals to the underworld. These sacred places were used for important ceremonies conducted to appease the gods of the underworld.

As you explore the cave, be on the look out for ancient ceramic pots forgotten for centuries. Who knows, you may be the one to spot an undiscovered find!

We continue the drive along the Western Highway and this brings you to Caves Branch National Park, which is located near the Caves Branch River. Here, be prepared for a 30-minute jungle trail hike. Your guide will point out various plants, roots, and herbs once used by the ancient Maya and you travel to the entrance of the cave.

The entrance tunnel that leads into the underground cave system is the start of an eye opening adventure. Your guide hands out flash lights, and you are ready to float in inflated inner tubes assisted by gentle currents taking you through the cave system.

Intricate crystalline formations line the caves and stalagmites and stalactites truly add to the serene opulence of nature. Participants must be a minimum 16 years of age or have a valid driver’s license to participate in the ATV portion of the tour.

Minimum number to guarantee: 4 passengers / Maximum number in a group: 20 Cost: US $155.00 (includes tax)