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Ancient Creatures and Ancient Sites: Things to Do on Ambergris Caye

Posted by ECBR on Jun 24, 2014 8:12:18 AM

Mayan Archeological MaskWhen looking for things to do on Ambergris Caye, activities like diving the Hol Chan marine reserve or Shark Ray Alley often top the list. However, the island is packed full of activities that can be enjoyed whether traveling alone or with the entire family.

Even better, most activities are located in or near the city of San Pedro, making access as simple as walking or renting a bike or golf cart.

American Crocodile Education Sanctuary

The American Crocodile Education Sanctuary provides a one-of-a-kind experience that is both educational and exciting to Ambergris Caye visitors. The mission of the sanctuary is to study and protect the endangered American Crocodile, and you can help through experiencing one of their expeditions aboard the Swamp Thing.

This evening adventure takes you on a three-hour search for crocodiles, beginning at sunset and continuing into the night. You'll watch the biologists catch, tag and release these ancient creatures throughout the mangrove forests of the island. The proceeds from the trip go to help crocodile conservation efforts.

The Gallery of San Pedro

San Pedro is the heart of the Ambergris Caye, and the Gallery of San Pedro truly embraces the culture of the island, featuring over 900 paintings created by local artists alongside more than 700 masks and carvings. This is also the place to go if you have been searching for the perfect Belizean hammock to take home.

Even better, if you don't think you'll have the space or don't feel like carrying your purchases with you, the gallery can pack and ship your items home for you.

Marco Gonzalez Maya Site

When you don't have time to visit the larger Mayan archaeological sites, or you're looking for a nearby historical activity, the Marco Gonzalez Maya site should be near the top of your list. While it's not as impressive as some of the fully excavated ruins on the Belize mainland, you'll get to see firsthand the unearthing of a relatively new archaeological site.

Here, you'll view the remains of a 2,000-year-old Mayan trading village where you can still see remnants of pottery and 49 different structures. The site is largely underfunded, so your entry fee helps fund the effort to continue the excavation and preservation of this piece of history.

Lalas Bird Sanctuary

A primary attraction for the island is bird watching. There's really no easier place to experience this activity than at the Lalas Bird Sanctuary. Often referred to as a "people perch" for bird watching, here you can view the many beautiful varieties of birds and occasionally other animals from the island.

Ambergris Caye provides plenty of activities without being so overdeveloped that you feel stuck in a tourist trap. Combine these activities with modern hotel accommodations and a traditional Caribbean vibe, and you have the perfect recipe for an unforgettable experience that will keep you coming back to this island paradise.


Written by ECBR

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