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How to Have the Ultimate Ambergris Caye Vacation

Posted by ECBR on May 2, 2013 3:04:12 PM

Ambergris Caye VacationIt's not hard to have a great vacation on Ambergris Caye. As a stunning island off the coast of mainland Belize, Ambergris Caye boasts the perfect climate, incredible beaches, friendly residents and amazing opportunities for recreation. However, a few insider tips can help transform your getaway from ordinary to extraordinary. Below are some of the things to do that will make sure that your Ambergris Caye vacation is the unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

Find the Ultimate Accommodation

Whether you are the kind of person who loves to go wild on vacation or you prefer quiet afternoons spent by the pool, a big part of your trip will revolve around where you stay. It pays to do your research because you don't want to end up unhappy with your accommodation choice. When in doubt, head to a hotel that has repeatedly gotten rave reviews, like the Exotic Caye Beach Resort on Ambergris Caye. You'll want to find somewhere with great amenities, comfortable rooms and helpful staff above all else.

Ask Locals for Advice

There's only so much information you can glean from guide books, but one of the keys to an incredible trip is to ask the locals for recommendations. They might tell you about one of the upcoming festivals on the island, for example, or they will let you know which bar in San Pedro will have live music that night. If you were to ask locals about where to get the best food and drinks in Ambergris Caye, they might well tell you about Melt Cafe at the Exotic Caye Beach Resort, Pinocchio's Italian Restaurant or Hidden Treasure.

Plan an Itinerary for Your Trip

It's quite common for visitors to show up on the island without any solid plans for their vacation. While you certainly don't have to have the whole trip booked up by the minute, having a rough schedule will help you to make the most of what may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Some of the things you might want to pencil in include snorkeling in Shark Ray Alley, scuba diving at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, kayaking in the sea at sunrise or relaxing at the pool of the San Pedro Fitness Club.

Use these tips to make the most of your Ambergris Caye vacation. Click here to learn more about things to do on the island during your trip.

While almost every vacation taken to Ambergris Caye is successful, there are a few things that travelers can do to ensure that their vacation is truly excellent. For starters, you'll want to pick a high-quality hotel with a great reputation. Then, it is smart to ask local residents about all of the best restaurants and events on the island. Finally, it makes sense to plan a rough itinerary for your time in Ambergris Caye. Whether you want to snorkel with sting rays or dance until the middle of the night at a beachfront bar, planning it out will help you pack in all the best bits of Ambergris Caye.


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