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Island Accommodations on an Ambergris Caye Vacation

Posted by ECBR on Jan 3, 2013 7:30:06 AM

For a dream getaway in the tropics, trip planners can choose Ambergris Caye. This island is the largest among hundreds of islands off the northeast coast of Belize. During an Ambergris Caye vacation, visitors can stay at the Exotic Caye Beach Resort and enjoy the outdoor island surroundings as well as the many outdoor sports that are so much a part of island life.

The Island

Now, Ambergris Caye is an intriguing island. The coastline is a circle of white sand around a marsh where mangrove trees grow. The tropical weather offers mild temperatures all year between 21 and 31 degrees Celsius. The rainy season happens between June and December, but much of that season has only moderate rainfall.

Resort Accommodations

The Exotic Caye is the perfect way to really get into the life of the island, a good place to sleep after a day outdoors exploring the shores and waters of Ambergris Caye. The resort is located only about 3 miles from the heart of San Pedro. While some of the older units in the Exotic Caye only have air conditioning in the bedrooms, the suites are built in traditional hut-style and furnished comfortably with bedroom furniture. They suites also have a futon in the front sitting area and a fully-equipped kitchen. As for electronics, the rooms have internet service and a TV. Resort lodging is basic, and the price is reasonable for the value.

Outdoor Surroundings

Situated right on the beach, Exotic Caye is attractively surrounded by natural landscaping including sand and native plants and shrubbery as well as palm trees. The suites have rustic balconies or porches with views of the grounds and the ocean beyond. Appreciating the sounds and scenes of nature, guests begin to unwind from the tensions of their regular lives.

Island Activities

Besides eating delicious food and relaxing on the beach, guests can choose to experience the island life out in the water. Boat rides and deep-sea fishing along with snorkeling and scuba diving are among the favorite things to do around Ambergris Caye.

The coral reef is alive with all sorts of coral, fish and other sea creatures. Almost anyone, old or young can learn to snorkel and see the wonderful world around the reef. Sea turtles, manatee and tropical fish do not mind the presence of humans. Meanwhile, in Shark Ray Alley the docile nurse sharks and the many friendly rays seem to like to swim beside snorkelers and divers.

Tropical Getaway

Enjoying the simple life in the tropics is easy and such a boost to the natural environment. Taking time in nature on an Ambergris Caye vacation gives people the rest they need. The coastal waters provide ample adventure amid spectacular scenery above and below the ocean's surface. For eco-friendly accommodations, visitors can book the comfortable and rustic lodgings offered at the seaside Exotic Caye Beach Resort.


Written by ECBR

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