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Have You Tried Sea Trek Yet?

Posted by ECBR on Jan 11, 2012 4:06:47 PM

Sea Trek is surprisingly fun and straightforward and I completely enjoyed my sea trek experience. As usual, I was delighted with having another close encounter with living coral reef and its colorful reef creatures in the crystal clear, warm turquoise waters of beautiful Belize. The Sea Trek briefing took about 10-15 minutes and all of my questions were quickly answered. It's ultimately an enjoybale walk on the bottom of the sea with a weighted helmet fed with air from above. I just had to pick a pair of rubber Croc shoes that fit and get into my bikini and I was all set.

Take a Sea Trek Tour in San Pedro Belize

A Warm, Underwater Adventure

The water was 86c. The Sea Trek guides fit you with your helmet and away you go.I didn't need to lift a finger and amy hair and face didn't even get wet. The sea symphony team and Discovery expeditions really took care of everything. Once underwater, you walk on soft, white sand, around the coral heads alongside the reef. There is a SCUBA diving staff member with you as well as a lead and sweep walking Sea Trek guide. The helmet made breathing easy and you can pinch your nose to equalize. After about 30 minutes of underwater exploration we ere brought back to the ladder and as I ascend, the helmet was removed from my shoulders. Afterwards, I enjoyed a scrumptios lunch aboard the Sea Symphony top deck. It was a wonderful afternoon's experience and I won't hesistate recommending it. If you would like some more info on this neat aquanut adventure, vist the Discovery Belize website to read more about a Sea Trek adventure from San Pedro.




Written by ECBR

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