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Vacation on Beautiful Ambergris Caye

Posted by ECBR on Feb 19, 2013 5:00:48 PM

The Exotic Caye Beach Resort, located in beautiful Ambergris Caye, is in one of the world's most beautiful locations. Belize is quickly becoming one of the world's favorite vacation destinations due to its natural, unspoiled beauty and wonderful amenities. The lovely tropical setting invites you for a stroll on the beach or a relaxing afternoon by the pool, and the natural beauty of Ambergris Caye calls to you to meander along its paths and ... Read More

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The Wonders of Diving Off Ambergris Caye

Posted by ECBR on Feb 14, 2013 10:24:59 AM

Spectacular snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities await the adventurous traveler to Belize. Diving on Ambergris Caye is an experience like no other. Belize's excellent weather, combined with its wide variety of near-perfect dive locations, makes a visit to Ambergris Caye a must for anyone looking for a world-class snorkeling or diving vacation. Read More

Amazing Adventures on Ambergris Caye

Posted by ECBR on Feb 12, 2013 5:58:51 PM

An enchanting tropical paradise off the coast of Belize, Ambergris Caye abounds in spectacular scenery, superb recreational activities and incredible wildlife. With its perfect weather, laid-back vibe and exciting water sports, this little bit of heaven is one of the most quietly spectacular getaway spots in the world. Read More

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Ambergris Caye Travel - What to Wear

Posted by ECBR on Feb 7, 2013 3:58:19 PM

What should you pack for a holiday in Ambergris Caye, Belize? If you are planning a trip to this enchanting part of the Caribbean, what you wear is key. Check out our tips on how to dress during your upcoming vacation in Belize. Read More

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Land & Sea Exploration in Belize

Posted by ECBR on Feb 4, 2013 8:22:34 PM

While many travelers come to Belize for relaxation, countless others arrive wanting to explore its extensive array of outdoor land and sea activities. In fact, a vacation within Ambergris Caye offers active pursuits for travelers including world-famous fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Read More

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Booking Conferences On Ambergris Caye

Posted by ECBR on Jan 31, 2013 1:00:05 PM

Conferences happen all over the world, every single day. It may be a literary conference, an electronics symposium or a conference for a particular industry. Part of what makes people want to attend the conference in the first place is the destination. Workshops in Belize are becoming increasingly common because people want the beach atmosphere around them. Read More

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San Pedro: A Town in the Tropics on Ambergris Caye

Posted by ECBR on Jan 29, 2013 8:00:08 AM

San Pedro is the only town on the island of Ambergris Caye off the northeastern shores of Belize in Central America. The sprawling seaside settlement has a population under 13,000. The town had its official start in the mid-1800s, and it is currently a resort area popular with visitors from all over the world looking for an island retreat near a barrier reef. Read More

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Here are Some Fun Things to Do on Ambergris Caye

Posted by ECBR on Jan 24, 2013 9:00:07 AM

The longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere is located in Belize near Ambergris Caye. The underwater flora and fauna are visible 50 to 100 feet in the crystal blue ocean water. Snorkeling and scuba diving through coral gardens are popular pass times for locals and visitors alike. Astounding coral formations and more than 500 fish species close to the shore greet dive enthusiasts from all around the world. Night diving opens the mysterious ... Read More

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Belize: The Central American Gem

Posted by ECBR on Jan 22, 2013 11:30:06 AM

Travelers who seek true paradise should definitely put a visit to Belize at the top of their to-do lists. From it's unspoiled, turquoise waters to the rich greenery surrounding the nation's Mayan temples, this small Central American gem delivers beauty and adventure. Just a short plane ride from the southern edge of the United States, there are innumerable ways to enjoy nature and take a breather in this small, beautiful country. Read More

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Planning a Trip to Ambergris Caye

Posted by ECBR on Jan 17, 2013 9:30:04 AM

Ambergris Caye is a breathtakingly beautiful island north of the Belize mainland in Central America. It is well-known around the world as an Eco-friendly paradise full of opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. Unlike many tropical destinations in the Caribbean, Ambergris Caye does not have high-rise hotels or international resort chains to take away from the local atmosphere. If you are interested in a trip to Ambergris Caye, this ... Read More

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