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Ambergris Caye Travel Tips You Should Know

Posted by ECBR on Aug 21, 2014 10:12:06 AM

travel tips belizeIt's not hard to enjoy a getaway to Ambergris Caye. As long as you arrive, get access to the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery from the comfort of a welcoming hotel, the island is a stunning destination that everyone adores.

To ensure that the vacation is memorable and exciting for everyone involved, the following tips can transform your time at the Exotic Caye Beach Resort on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Choose Direct Flights to Belize

Since the international airport in Belize City is a transport hub for the entire country and for much of Central America, getting to and from Belize by air certainly isn't a challenge. However, getting a direct flight from the United States can definitely make the process even simpler and quicker for visitors.

Some of the cities offering direct flights from the United States to Belize include Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Charlotte and Atlanta. Delta operates these direct flights, but there are several air carriers that can get you to the choice destination of Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Take Advantage of Your Resort's Facilities

All too often, visitors to Ambergris Caye forget to make the most of the amenities and facilities at the resort where they opt to stay. When picking out the perfect resort, you might select an accommodation because it offers a stunning pool, a great fitness facility or incredible onsite dining, all of which is offered by the Exotic Caye. However, those perks might be skipped once visitors arrive. Be sure to scout them out upon arrival and then plan to take advantage of them at some point during your stay.

Know Your Money

Belize is an incredibly affordable destination, but some visitors are still concerned about shopping or dining out because they are not familiar with the exchange rate. To make it easier, try to remember that roughly $1 USD is the same as $2 in Belize. Once you do the math and convert prices in your head, you will often find that things like souvenirs, local crafts, meals in restaurants and smaller items like water or soda are very cheap compared to what you are used to back home.

Dive into Local Food and Culture

One of the final Ambergris Caye travel tips is to embrace the local food and culture. Some of the top things to do for every traveler might include visiting one of the Mayan ruins sites still in Belize, learning a few common words and phrases to exchange with locals, listening to local drums and music one night in San Pedro or just digging in, wholeheartedly, to the authentic cuisine, seafood and culinary specialties on offer.

Enjoying Ambergris Caye is easy, but these tips can ensure you make the most of your time on the island. Click here for more travel tips for Ambergris Caye.


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