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Check Out this Colorful Haven In the Caribbean

Posted by ECBR on Jul 23, 2013 7:43:30 AM

Caribbean BeachSan Pedro's growth has been slow and controlled, by design. No high rises will suddenly appear to permanently alter the view. In fact, no building can be more than four stories tall. Many of the coconut palms on Ambergris Caye rise higher into the blue sky than that!

San Pedro was a small fishing village for many decades after its founding in 1848. Today, the town has a population of about 17,000. It is small enough to maintain a casual friendliness while offering most of the retail and professional services that residents and visitors desire.

San Pedro Day is celebrated every June 27th. Other special events include the Costa Maya Festival in August and the Belize International Film Festival. Click here for more on activities.

About The Town

This main town on the island includes innumerable, colorfully-painted homes set along sand streets. Equally colorful tropical blooms compliment the town landscape in yard after yard. There are just ten streets, and only three run north-south. And, not a one is paved.

The palms dance in the prevailing trade winds, and the sound of the Caribbean waves is never far away. Barefoot strollers occasionally make way for passing bicycles and golf carts. Hail a taxi if need be; however, automobiles are still more the exception than the rule here.

A Place To Relax

White sand beaches welcome those who want "shorts and sandals" relaxation. Here, visitors escape all hustle and bustle of life back home. Urgency melts away in the warm, moist ocean air. Still, the conveniences that most value are available in abundance. For example, one finds that both the seafood and the beer are on ice, ready to enjoy. Try some Belikin, the local brew.

The supplies of freshly-caught seafood have attracted some talented chefs to Ambergris Caye. Again, the knowledgeable folks at Exotic Caye can guide you to some of the best cuisine on the island.

Diving And Fishing

Fishing the broad salt flats along the Belize coast is usually excellent. Divers never tire of exploring the amazing coral formations and the multi-colored tropical fish. Likewise, snorkelers quickly enter another universe as they dip just below the water's surface. Water-based activities always benefit from water that is typically right around 82 degrees F. The town is often a stopping-off point for those transitioning from the Barrier Reef to heading to the mainland for an unforgettable Maya tour.

Easy Access

San Pedro's airport is just a quick 20 minute flight from Belize City. Flights are typically scheduled on the hour. Flights from major U.S. cities like Houston and Miami to the international airport at Belize City are easy to arrange. The town is literally walking distance from the airport. Ferry service also connects islanders to the mainland. Accommodations, such as those at Exotic Caye Beach Resort, are among the best in Belize. So are the diving companies that escort visitors to the Barrier Reef, surpassed only by Australia's Great Barrier Reef in all the world.

The team at Exotic Caye can share with you, in detail, the latest news about the activities on the island and beyond. Contact them today.


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