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Choosing Ambergris Caye as a Family Vacation Destination

Posted by ECBR on Apr 23, 2013 2:27:07 PM

There is no question that Ambergris Caye is an incredible destination for adults. After all, thousands of people from around the world head here each year for romantic anniversary getaways and even destinations weddings. However, you might not realize that Ambergris Caye is also a top destination for families with children. Visitors of all ages can find fun things to do on the island, and the Exotic Caye Beach Resort offers the Ambergris Caye rentals and amenities that families will love.

Spacious Rooms and Suites For the Whole Family

Families often struggle to find accommodation that is suitable for the entire family. Two separate rooms, for example, might be too expensive, but a standard single room is altogether too small. The perfect solution is available at places like Exotic Caye, which offers Ambergris Caye rentals in a range of sizes and styles.

Fun Adventures on Ambergris Caye

There is no end to the fun adventures and excitement that can be enjoyed on Ambergris Caye. Kids will love heading into the jungle to feed the native monkeys, and anyone old enough to swim while wearing inflatable water wings is old enough to try snorkeling for the first time. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, and if your children are old enough, you could even zip-line through the jungle canopy and experience life at the top of the treeline. There are tours to explore Mayan ruins, float through caves and explore secluded beaches. Click here to read more about some of the top family activities on Ambergris Caye.

Things to Do at the Exotic Caye Beach Resort

When parents are looking for the perfect accommodation, one of the first things they search for is a resort with plenty of family-friendly amenities and facilities. On Ambergris Caye, the Exotic Caye Resort is the ultimate family vacation spot. The outdoor pool is a fun place to cool down on a hot day, but the beach access still wins as the most popular destination within the resort. Children and their parents can rent kayaks to explore the ocean, dine in the casual eateries and feel safe on the secluded property.

If you are seeking out the ultimate family destination in Belize, look no further. Ambergris Caye, and the Exotic Caye Beach Resort, offers all the amenities and accommodations that families need, and the area is full of exciting adventures and attractions for all ages.

Not all vacation destinations that are perfect for adults are suitable for children. Thankfully, the Belize hotspot of Ambergris Caye is a welcoming place for visitors of all ages. Children will love the amenities in the area resorts, and parents will appreciate the spacious rooms and suites that can fit into any budget. When you venture outside of the resorts, you will discover all the fun attractions that Ambergris Caye has to offer. From snorkeling right off the coast to touring the Mayan ruins or feeding monkeys, kids will love the fun, the excitement and the adventure of this island in Belize.


Written by ECBR

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