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Let Wedding Bells Ring on Belize Ambergris Caye

Posted by ECBR on Mar 19, 2013 9:36:11 AM

Wedding In BelizeToday more and more couples are selecting a destination away from their home turf for their wedding vows. A beautiful affair will occur when held in the right location. There are few places that can compare to weddings in Belize. Narrow it down even further and select the island of Ambergris Caye.

Any wedding held on this piece of paradise can be completely personalized according to the couples needs.

Find a Wedding Consultant

What better place to “tie the knot,” especially when you have a wedding consultant to handle it all. The best wedding consultants available in Belize will be responsible for setting up and tying up of all the loose ends for the entire celebration. They are knowledgeable of the legalities of marrying couples in this country and can assist in obtaining the license. The ideas and solutions are limitless when using the professional services of a wedding planner in Ambergris Caye.

Resort Consultants are Here to Help

Many consultants are attached to a specific resort as their in-house expert for setting up weddings. Find this professional at well-appointed and luxurious resorts such as Exotic Caye Beach Resort.

Sometimes it is not possible to visit the destination beforehand. That’s where a resort’s wedding planner comes in handy. They are reliable and completely familiar with the resort of choice.

The only decision a couple needs to undertake is communicating with the consultant, who in turn will formulate their vision into reality. Whether it's an affair for just two or two hundred, the destination wedding consultant is the most important aspect when planning on getting married on Ambergris Caye.


Contrary to what many believe, weddings held on Ambergris Caye are less expensive than a traditional wedding back home. Combining the wedding and honeymoon as one entity provides a cost-saving advantage.

There is no longer the list of separate vendor payments. One inclusive price pays for everything including catering, photographer, musicians, flowers, and of course the wedding cake. There will be no hidden costs or worries whether the affair is a simple champagne beach wedding or elaborate catered reception.


Book a flight that departs a few days prior to the big event in Ambergris Caye. Being there to handle any last minute paperwork or remaining details can eliminate any unforeseen problems.

Packing bags should actually be an ongoing thing way before the departure date. Check, check, and recheck to make sure that everything needed is on hand. Also, keep in mind that the airlines are changing their luggage policies every day, so make sure to double check with the airline about additional baggage as well as what can be brought aboard or needs to be placed in luggage.

When the time arrives for planning a destination wedding, consider getting married on Ambergris Caye for its positive reasons. It is cost efficient, easy to arrange and is set in a scenic and tropical background. Nothing could be more picture perfect than being surrounded by the azure sea and the whitest sand beaches as found on Ambergris Caye.

You can obtain a wedding that many never realized is within their reach. Commemorate one of the most important days by using the services of a wedding consultant - it's the least stressful way to organize an important event.


Written by ECBR

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