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Ambergris Caye Fishing Offers Variety Amidst Beautiful Scenery

Posted by ECBR on Mar 7, 2013 2:13:26 PM

Whether you are a first time traveler to Belize or seasoned visitor, your trip will not be complete without experiencing the fishing on Ambergris Caye Belize. The abundance and variety of fish and natural beauty of the area make this spot unique for fishing. The Belize Barrier Reef is great for deep sea fishing, and the large tarpon and permit fish are plentiful. The shallow flats located between the island and the reef are perfect for wading and shore fishing for smaller fish such as bonefish. Easily charter a boat with a guide from the island or take off on your own to explore the flats and get ready to catch some amazing fish through fly fishing.

Ambergris Caye fishing is some of the best fishing in the world. Beautiful scenery, great variety in fish and inexpensive boats and guides are just a few of the benefits of fishing off this gorgeous Belizean island. Many choices are available, from chartering a boat for an exciting day of fishing in the reef to quiet fishing off the shore.

Chartering a Boat

The deeper areas around Ambergris Caye, only accessible by boat, are the best places for large fish. You can easily charter a boat and guide on the island to take you out for a day of fishing in these areas. Chartering a boat from the island is inexpensive. A guide will help point you toward the best fishing in the area and give you tips on the best way to catch the local fish.

The Shallow Flats

Nestled between the island and the Belize Barrier Reef are shallow flats that provide a great opportunity for wading and shore fishing. With the beautiful white sandy bottom and clear water, fishing in this area can be excellent, depending on the time of day. Because the fish go toward deeper water as the day warms up, it is best to do this kind of fishing in the early morning.

A Few Tips

Plan your Ambergris Caye fishing excursion accordingly because it's at its best as the tides are coming in or going out. The wind can be a problem in the shallow flats but moving to the other side of the island or fishing off a dock or pier should still be good. Take a pair of wading shoes or boots with you if you plan to do any shore fishing. Sharp shells and sea urchins are common in this area, and after a day wading in the flats you will appreciate dry comfortable feet. Because of the glare of the water, polarized sunglasses help if you plan to do sight fishing. Finally, think about doing some night fishing. At night, many of the larger reef fish head toward the shallow flats. Stand under the stars and enjoy the quiet pleasure of evening fishing.

No matter how you decide to fish, Ambergris Caye is the perfect place for an unforgettable experience. The fish you will catch, the incredible scenery you will experience and the memories you will make are well worth the trip to Belize.


Written by ECBR

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