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How To Get Married In Belize

Posted by ECBR on Dec 13, 2012 8:00:04 AM

Married In BelizeGet married on Ambergris Caye and have a wedding tailor-made to meet and exceed your budget. Weddings in Belize remain a Caribbean hot spot to tie the knot in a fabulous tropical setting. The water is warm and the price is right when you get married on Ambergris Caye, making this picturesque island destination number one with this year's island brides. Weddings in Belize are a piece of cake when you get your documents in order and let the hotel staff provide a turn-key wedding package with all the ceremonial trimmings.

How To Get Married On Ambergris Caye

1. Contact the Belize Registry Department to ensure the proper person is available to prepare your marriage license.

2. Both bride and groom must arrive in Belize three days before the ceremony.

3. Obtain the marriage license forms from The Registry, Supreme Court Building or the Belize General Attorney Office.

4. Show photo proof of identification and proof of marital status, such as divorced or widowed.

5. Pay a $100 marriage license fee.

6. Guests who are planning to elope, and therefore will not have any guests of their own, must pay $5 each for two hired witnesses for the ceremony.

7. Bride and groom will provide a donation to the local Belize clergy scheduled to perform the marriage ceremony.

8. Ask your tour operator or hotel concierge service to make the marriage ceremony into a packaged deal. Belize weddings often include a honeymoon suite, ceremony, intimate reception, and all resort facilities for a fantastic built-in honeymoon.

9. Request that a copy of your marriage licensed be faxed to you.

10. Couples who wish to marry on site among the Mayan ruins must contact the Archaeological Reserve office one week in advance of the ceremony. Mayan ruins marriages have become quite popular and permission to marry at the monuments will almost certainly be granted. However, guests must follow the proper procedure and make an advanced reservation to do so.

Belize Marriages and Honeymoon Packages Beat the High Cost of Getting Married at Home

Enjoy the year round warm climate, abundant water sports, and easy-going people that make your island wedding dreams come true. Getting married in the Caribbean is destination number one for celebrities, world-class athletes and everyone else who wants to express themselves with culture and style.

The first step to getting married in the Caribbean is to get busy with your paperwork and lining up the legal matters. A Belize marriage license is recognized internationally, exactly the same as if you were married at home. Start your love life off in the right direction with a romantic island wedding done your own way.

From the tropical jungles among the Mayan ruins to the decadence of Ambergris Caye, getting married in beautiful Belize is one of the best decisions you can make. Economical, easy to book and one of the most romantic settings in the world, Ambergris Caye weddings are a snap to book and will remain a thrill of a lifetime to treasure forever.


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