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Ambergris Caye is a Tropical Fishing Paradise

Posted by ECBR on Dec 6, 2012 9:30:05 AM

Great fishing on Ambergris Caye Belize has been a secret for years that is recently revealing itself to anglers around the world. Ambergris Caye is a good-sized island northeast of Belize that’s situated in the Caribbean Sea. It’s a coral sand island that’s relatively flat and about 25-miles in length. Temperatures vary between 75 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, making the sea around it ideal for various species of saltwater sport fish. The water temperature stays at about 82 degrees.

Fun When You're Not Fishing

Marine reserves, spas, museums, boating, scuba dives, shopping, nightclubs and souvenir hunting round out the attractions for the angler to try when not fishing.

A Variety of Fish

The coral reefs around the island boast barracuda, jacks, snapper and grouper. In the deeper water are found pompano, marlin, bonito and sailfish. Bonefish, barracuda and permit are lying in the grass flats and lagoons. Tarpon and bonefish present themselves throughout the year. Deep blue water fishing is available within 15 minutes after leaving the dock.

Charters run about $100 to $175 per person. The cost will vary depending upon the time of year, how big the boat, the number of anglers and the kind of fishing the angler desires. The guides are the best in Belize, and they speak English well. The money paid is good for an entire day of fishing and includes lunch, refreshments, tackle and bait.

The grass flats are in the shallows, about two to six feet in depth, and the angler will arrive there within 20 minutes after leaving the dock. These white, sandy flats are feeding areas for tarpons, and these flats stretch for about 50 miles, which means there are incredible numbers of fish here.

The Best Time of the Year for Fishing

Starting in May and extending through November is the liveliest period for angling. The tarpon show good aggression when chasing any properly presented fly. This area is huge, and anglers will see few people fishing nearby. It’s not unusual for an experienced tarpon angler to boat five tarpons a day. These are not small fish with some scaling past 170 pounds.

Angling for your favorite fish from a boat is the best way to go, but fishing from shore has its pleasant moments and challenges. Bonefish and other tropical fish hang around the reefs. Light spinning gear and sardine bait work well at night. Try a Crazy Charlie Bonefish Fly at sunrise. Bonefish fishing from the docks and beaches in town will give an angler good fishing action.

June through September are the spawning times for profit and bonefish. Fishing the flats with the old fly rod around Ambergris Caye during this time will fill the catch. They arrive in Biblical numbers and compete hard for food. The tarpon also make an appearance and arrive in schools by the hundreds.

Success is Determined by the Weather

Calm days are considered ideal for tarpon. A hard wind tells the angler to head for the sheltered lagoons and coves and try for the bonefish. Permit will be here, too. Fishing for barracuda is always an option because they are present everywhere.

Fishing on Ambergris Caye Belize is a dream for anglers who love fishing for tarpon. The guides are friendly, and they are eager to ensure that anglers catch the fish they want. Know the Belize fishing regulations, buy a license and Belize will show all anglers the time of their lives.


Written by ECBR

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