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Consider Diving on Ambergris Caye and Hol Chan Marine

Posted by ECBR on Aug 30, 2012 12:16:56 PM

Diving on Ambergris Caye is an enchanting experience. The warm, clear blue waters are perfect for exploring coral reef, tropical fish and other marine life beneath the sea. Ambergris Caye is one of the most popular attractions and has easy access to areas such as Lighthouse Reef and Turneffe Islands. Because of the area’s popularity, there is some environmental degradation, but the coral reef is now protected by mooring buoys. For the most part, scuba diving visitors on Ambergris Caye can enjoy the area unencumbered and unrestricted as long as the area is respected.

What to Expect From Diving on Ambergris Caye

Scuba Diving Ambergris CayDivers and snorkelers embark on shallow dives to view the coral reef and marine life in the area. There are several deep canyons, reef cuts and swim-throughs on Ambergris Caye. This is different from San Pedro scuba diving which is primarily “wall diving” near atolls. Both experiences provide some of the best diving in the Caribbean - to learn more about it click here:

Ambergris Caye caters to divers of all skill levels. There are classes available to teach novice divers for approximately $120. Experienced divers can immediately begin diving on Ambergris Caye. Two-tank dives cost between USD $45 and USD $55. One-tank dives are approximately USD $20 or less. These rates typically include the use of tanks, belts and weights. A full set of gear may cost USD $20.

Not everyone is a skilled diver, but one can still experience the thrill of diving on Ambergris Caye and remain safe. The locals of the area offer SNUBA diving which is a hybrid between scuba diving and snorkeling. This new technology allows participants to snorkel down to 20 feet without experience. Most people take their underwater cameras to capture the awe-inspiring images beneath the sea. The tour is guided by a professional to improve safety.

What Are Excursions Like Near Hol Chan Marine Reserve?

Hol Chan Marine Reserve is designated by a break in the reef. This break is approximately 20 to 35 feet deep. Hol Chan Marine Reserve is preferred by many visitors because many tropical fish swim to the cave system that was created by the erosion over the years. The water into the cave extends to a depth of approximately 12 feet.

Visitors to the marine reserve typically enjoy viewing jewfish and grouper. The fish on this dive are so friendly that many come to the divers' masks. Some will even stick around to be touched. Other fish commonly viewed on these scuba diving excursions include: Royal of Fairy Basslets and moray eels. Moray eels may reach up to six feet in length. Experts advise visitors to look but not to touch as the sting can hurt.

Along the edges of the joint, there is living coral for visitors to view while scuba diving. The joint is characterized as a small blue hole or a vertical fracture in the earth that is covered by water.

A wrecked ship is also buried beneath the ocean waters for viewing. Many people enjoy this aspect of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve tour because it provides insight into the history of the area.

Consider a Scuba Diving Trip on Ambergris Caye

Diving on Ambergris Caye and Hol Chan Marine Reserve are two of the most incredible experiences. Divers should make every effort to remain safe while diving on Ambergris Caye because the currents can be strong. But diving with a skilled professional will not only prove to be safer but the adventure of a lifetime as well.

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