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The Best Caribbean Beach Resort In Existence

Posted by ECBR on Aug 23, 2012 9:10:24 AM

You might have read about dozens of different tropical resorts that offer nice pools and secluded beaches, but have you ever read about a Caribbean beach resort that offers the above two features as well as more than 25 different activities? It’s possible, but it’s certainly not likely. If you want to visit where only the extremely lucky have been fortune enough to visit, then you need to look into the Exotic Caye Beach Resort in Ambergris Cay, Belize.

Before we even get into the features offered at this top-tier Caribbean resort, let’s first take a look at the response from other travelers. As we all know, TripAdvisor is the most oft used site by travelers leaving reviews. That definitely gives the reviews a lot of weight. When it comes to the Exotic Caye Beach Resort, a stunning 92 percent of travelers have expressed their satisfaction. What you might find even more impressive is that 59 percent of these travelers gave this Caribbean resort the highest rating possible. The most commonly used adjectives by travelers having stayed at the Exotic Caye Beach Resort were authentic, friendly and relaxing.

The latter adjective comes as somewhat of a surprise considering how many activities are offered, but that just goes to show you how well the activities are kept separate from those who want nothing more than to kick back and relax. You can essentially look at this property as a summer camp for adults, with the only differences being that you can do whatever you want when you want and that you’re allowed to consume alcoholic beverages.

When you arrive at what some consider the best Caribbean resort in existence, you will immediately notice the abundance of palm trees. They surround the thatched roof suites and beachfront condos. They are even scattered on the beach all the way to the shoreline, which is very rare. In regards to your accommodations, you will have a kitchen, dining room, bathroom and bedroom. There is also a strong likelihood of a balcony or patio. If you want a balcony that faces the ocean, then simply request one.

Now let’s take a look at all the activities on offer. Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular activities here. This should come as no surprise considering this Caribbean beach resort is located right next to a coral reef. Another standout activity is sailing. While sailing is offered at most resorts in the Caribbean, how many of those resorts offer moonlight sailing? If it’s out there, it sure isn’t easy to find. Other water-based activities include windsurfing, jet-skiing, canoeing, air-boating, a cruise, cave tubing, a river tour and a manatee tour.

If you want to stay dry, then you will still have an abundance of options to choose from. One of the most interesting options is exploring the Mayan ruins. Be sure to take your camera for this one. You’re going to want to document your first-hand experience with the most popular ancient civilization in the world. If you want more adventure, then perhaps you would enjoy a rainforest ATV tour. Nothing will get your adrenaline going like riding through the rainforest at fast speeds. If you want to stay on foot, then consider the jungle exploration. Don’t be surprised if you hear or see a monkey. Other land-based options include the Belize Zoo, horseback riding, bird watching and a butterfly farm.

For those who want to stay near the property and relax, Ambergris Caye offers a beautiful beach to stoll along as well as an enormous pool with lap lanes, a kiddie pool, two tennis courts and an air-conditioned gym.

Now you can see why this is one of the highest-rated Caribbean resorts. Book your trip today.


Written by ECBR

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