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Go Outside of the Box and Hold Conventions and Conferences on Ambergris Caye

Posted by Kelly on May 9, 2012, 12:11:38 PM

Where is it written that business meetings must take place in stuffy, cramped board rooms? Is it, in fact, mandatory that the attendees’ become expressionless zombies as their eyes glaze over in boredom? Of course not! Just because it’s always been that way been doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

Here’s an idea to boost employee morale, enhance productivity, promote customer loyalty and have that compulsory business meeting all in one exotic fell swoop: Hold your conferences on Ambergris Caye!

The Exotic Caye Beach Resort offers the necessary amenities for your next corporate event. Whether it’s a mid-sized business meeting or a full-blown convention, the experienced, friendly staff at the Exotic Caye Beach Resort has got your every need covered. In addition, group rates and discounts are often available, so be sure and inquire when you book your reservations.

Ditch the Suits; Don the Sandals

After a day of business meetings in a quaint meeting room, you head back to your ocean-front suite and change into your island-wear for an unforgettable evening of dinner and drinks beneath a tent on the beach. Afterward, a stroll along the shore or a stop in a local pub for a nightcap is a lovely way to end the day.

On those days when meetings are reduced to half-day affairs, there are numerous activities and attractions for you, your staff and clients in which to partake. A short boat ride will land you and your party at the mystical, ancient Mayan Ruins—a must see! There is also diving, snorkeling, and fishing along the stunning barrier reef that contours this island paradise. For the adventurous business traveler, how about parasailing, kayaking or zip-tubing down a river in the pristine Belizean rain forest?

Memories of Paradise Found vs. Gift Cards

A good, loyal staff is hard to come by these days. What better way to reward them than with a conference cum vacation in an exotic locale? This is a gift that won’t be soon forgotten; not unlike the typical gift card or round of golf that so many unimaginative companies are inclined to employ. Not only will conferences on Ambergris Caye assist in retaining a stellar staff, it will also facilitate to maintain valuable customer relationships―and could even lead to additional business contacts. It’s a win-win!

Holding conferences on Ambergris Caye is perfect for engaging with your clients and staff in a relaxed, tropical atmosphere. Considering all they’ve done to make your business a success, don’t they deserve a ticket to paradise?


Written by Kelly

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