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Activities on Ambergris Caye: Experience the Adventure for Yourself

Posted by Kelly on Apr 25, 2012 11:38:26 AM

In addition to snorkeling and diving along the 25 miles of vibrantly pristine coral reef lining and its shoreline, there are a plethora of activities on Ambergris Caye to amuse and delight.

Imagine flying through the tropical rain forest and actually making eye-contact with a Howler monkey or two and many other of its residents! That’s what zip-lining is all about. The adventurer is safely harnessed-in , while swiftly gliding above the treetops. If you enjoy a good adrenaline rush, then this activity is custom made for you!

Tours for the Nature Lover

For visitors who prefer to enjoy Ambergris Caye on land, the Lamanai Ruins is a must-see. The tour begins with a boat ride to the mainland where you will be treated to a cruise up the lovely New River. Bring a good set of binoculars - you won’t want to miss a thing!

Along the way you will see manatees, exotic birds, crocodiles and many other species of wildlife. Next, you will embark on a private tour of this Mayan site during where a troop of Howler monkeys are likely to make an appearance.

Subterranean Adventures on Ambergris Caye

Thus far, we’ve explored underwater, aerial and above ground activities on Ambergris Caye. But we’ve left out one of the most exciting and unusual attractions: cave-tubing. Your voyage begins inside this mystical, sacred place with experienced tour guides. As you float along the Mayan Underworld on large, sturdy inner tubes there are lights to lead the way. You will see incredible crystalline rock and limestone formations as well as ancient artifacts once used by the Mayan people. This is the single venue where cave-tubing is offered in Belize.

A word to the wise: these cave sites commonly include the skeletal remains of sacrificial victims who were offered up to the formidable and volatile gods of the underworld. As a rule, the skeletal remains are of young children―the preferred choice of the rain god Chac. In other instances, the casualties were adult males and the occasional female. There is every indication that the sacrificial ones were brought into the caves alive, and met with their demise at the conclusion of the ceremonies.

From snorkeling and diving to discovering ancient ruins; from gliding through a rain forest to exploring ancient caves via an inner tube, the activities on Ambergris Caye are indeed endless and eclectic.

But don’t just read about it. Experience the adventure for yourself when you book a vacation to Ambergris Caye!



Written by Kelly

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